Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Use PAFEO in writing your blog post

Planning is one of the most important thing when we want to achieve something. Planning with a tool is better that planning without any tools. Today I wanted to share a technique called PAFEO which i learned in a recent courses. It is a presentation and communication skill workshop, where participant need to utilize PAFEO in preparing the presentation slide. However PAFEO is not just for presentation it can be utilized in writing and blogging, which is included as a non-verbal communication too.

What is PAFEO?

PAFEO is a Tool or guide, it is just an acronym but can be very useful in writing and presentation. PAFEO -stands for : Purpose , Audience , Format , Evidence and Organization

PAFEO for Writing 

A blogger can use PAFEO for writing a blog post since PAFEO will help in giving more impact for the blog post.

This is the 5 Step using PAFEO: 

Purpose - Before writing anything, ask your self, what are you trying to accomplish? What is the objective of that particular blog post , is it for getting sales, to share knowledge, just to relieve your stress?  The way you write a blog post can be influenced by the purpose.

Audience - Whom you are targeting to read the blog post. For most bloggers they already know their target audience. By knowing the audience it is easy to write to tally to the audience level of understanding. As example if you are making a tutorial for advance group, there are no need to go to step by step, but if you are targeting newbies you need to make a step by step instruction. 

Format - How will you do it? Should it be in tutorial format, should it be in normal writing, formal way or informal way? Format also deal with deciding which point to talk first to capture the readers attention.

Evidence - Evidence is something that will convince the reader to believe in what you write. If you are writing about how to get more traffic, by including some proof that you are getting traffic from your technique, you can gain the users trust. Sometimes, if you are already well known in the area where the target audience already trusted you, evidence can be optional. 

Organisation - This is the last part. Organize! There are many type of organization that can be used depend on your Purpose, Audience and Format. You can put your writing in chronological order, problem first then solution, Pros and cons and decision making. 

As a blogger who always want to be a better writer, you can use this PAFEO technique. PAFEO technique also suitable for making a book review, blog review, sales pitch and many more. I am just sharing with you because sharing is caring and PAFEO is worth sharing. Good luck!

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