Thursday, February 16, 2012

The E in PAFEO is very important

This week I attended #MSMW2012 - Malaysian Social Media Week 2012.  I only attended the first two days, the conference day. Those conference sessions were very fruitful, I learnt a lot of awesome ideas and so on.

There are great presenters there. From what isee they know their Purpose of sharing their knowledge there. They know their Audience. They have their format of presentation, some of them are using power point, some of them are just using the public speaking tools that they have, some of them using analogy. Most of the speakers organizing the flow of presentation very well. Great!

Owh! I forgot about the E which stands for Evidence. Sadly , some .. only one , two or three..  of them being a great a speaker did not give enough evidence although their sharing session are relevance to me. This is what i feel personally. Evidence back up your claim. One of my friend who are also attending the sessions also said the same thing, everyone can talk on the surface, but where is the proof? 

Although some of them do not put the evidence, i still feel that i learned a lot from them. For that, thank you very much for all presenters and also for my sponsor. Overall I am satisfied with the two days conference session. I learn a lot of wonderful ideas on social media, twitter, blogging and more. Hopefully I can put into practice some of the great ideas! 

Ok. I am not a good  presenter, I am just a newbie,  if I was the one to give the talk, maybe I am doing well am maybe I am not but I need to prepare my content no matter what. If I am not a great presenter, logically I am not supposed to comment on the presentations. However, from what I learned in my previous presentation courses. Commenting on other's presentation and commenting on your own presentation is a great way to improve your presentation skill. 

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