Sunday, January 1, 2012

Farewell Adgitize

First of all i would like to bid farewell to adgitize. Adgitize was a great platform. As a publisher i never cashout from adgitize, but as an advertiser adgitize do help me to cashout from one of make money tweeting program in late 2009, i remember promoting the referral program of the third party twitter advertiser network which converts quite well.

Year 2010 was a very hectic year for me in term of blogging. Not enough time. That was the main factor why I am not doing very well in 2010 compared to 2009.   The situation lead me to buy two books entitled How to Simplify Your Life and Work Less, Achieve More. But that is different story. This year hopefully i can focus more on blogging. 

As a publisher, the good thing about adgitize is that adgitize award points for writing a blog post. Its not much but it can be considered a passive income since I'll be updating my blog anyway. One of my objective in blogging this year is to cashout from Adgitize, but sadly adgitize will no more be operating. 

Time to look for a new advertising network for this blog. Will Ken come out with new blog advertising network? Let just wait and see. I wish good luck for Ken for any incoming project. 


  1. Agree with you, sure a great platform for advertising.

  2. Most of the blogger now a days choose the technology today because they know that the gadgets can lead the topic of blog....