Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Denaihati Gadget Impian Contest - I want to join!

1. This post is just to tell you that I want to join the Gadget Impian Contest by Denaihati.

2. I'm still not really sure of what kind of gadget that I want. Maybe DSLR? The task for the contest is still a secret. However, joining this contest will be fun.

3. In order to join the contest, I just added a floating social media toolbar widget in this blog. Thanks to bloggersentral for the code. If you are using blogger, and want to add the +1, facebook like, and retweet button, just get the code from bloggersentral.

4. A question pop up in my mind, does a high perfomance Personal Computer can be considered as a gadget?

5. What is your dream gadget?

6. If you are also joining the Gadget Impian Contest. I wish you... Good Luck!

Contest Gadget Impian anjuran Denaihati.comditaja bersama oleh Eizil.comAnarm.neteQurban.comSilver Asia Sdn Bhd,Kedai Kak Siti dan Serverfreak

1 comment:

  1. Jutaan terima kasih diucapkan kerana menyertai Contest Gadget Impian dan semoga berjaya.

    Sentiasalah melawat Denaihati untuk mengetahui update terkini contest dari masa kesemasa.