Friday, October 14, 2011

Post Title with H2 tag for better blogger SEO

One problem in blogger is to optimize the h2  tag for blogger post. Initially the tag for blogger post title is h3. Last night i spend some time changing the html code of I tried most of the method available in the net as shared by other blogger buts its not working. Most likely because the tutorial are based on the old layout while my blogger template is using blogger template designer. 

I  forgot to print screen the initial of heading and phrase elements condition before changing the coding. But i managed to print screen the heading and phrase elements after taking some time tweaking the html code. The problem with blogger is that the h2-tags is used for the widget title not for blog post title. 

No h tags for post title

After some changes in the HTML coding. This is the result. 

Blog post title in h2-tags 

The post title is now under h2 tags and the widget title is under h4 tags. However the changes in tags also changes the Font of the post title. The blog title font cannot be changed by using the Blogger Template. I can change it from the coding, but i prefer if it can be changed from Template Designer. Need some time to figure it out. 

Credit to denaihati for highlighting the importance of h1 , h2 tags. Heading and Phrase Elements is checked using SEOWorker


  1. And how, exactly, do you check and change (if need be?) all that? 

  2. nice sharing.. good job mr.zul.. thank you very2 much for this info.. need to check my blog tonight..

  3. lets do some research together.hehehehe!! SEO is like a game for bloggers like us ;)

  4. you can check the h tag structure using SEOworkers. To change the structure we need to tweak the code a little bit. Its not that hard we need to identify the datum type for blog post tittle and add html h2 to tag for that datum. I'll write a blog post for that purpose later when I am free.

  5. yeah! let us do the research. SEO is one of the interesting part of blogging!

  6. Just don't forget to change the widget header to h4 every time you add a new widget :)

  7. haha.. thanks...   hey any tips on how to automate it? the new blogger template designer html code look confusing.