Saturday, October 29, 2011

Knowledge is Everywhere

Many people says that, if you want to be successful you need to learn from a successful person. However, one of my teacher teach me that "If you wanted to learn something, learn from everyone who is relevant to your interest"

Learn from everyone

if you want to be a millionaire, you can find a successful famous millionaire as a mentor OR you can also make friends with all silent millionaire. Its up whether you are compatible or not. Its depend on which type of millionaire you wanted to be, the famous one or the silent one.

That does not mean that if you choose to learn from one type, you cannot learn from the other type. You should learn from everyone relevant. In fact, many great person can be made as you aspiration. They are all very successful person. But ask yourself again, can you relate yourself to them? If yes, congratulation. If NO, its still okay since you can still learn something valuable from them.

The late Steve Jobs as example, a design perfectionist. If you are a perfectionist , the "perfectionist" part of Steve Jobs are related to you. But for me that part is a NO. The part on how he view life is a YES for me

Knowledge is everywhere

There are a time in my life a have a debt problem, not my debt but others which use my name. Yes. Backstabbing is a painful experience, but i learnt a lot from what happened. Bank keep calling me every month. It make me stressed.

I asked for help, not asking to give me money but knowledge.

I asked a few friends in middle income category that look quite successful in managing money. They tried to help, showing a few solutions, but I am not able to 'feel' it. I met a few friends who can be categorized in Lower Salary category. Amazingly, I learn a lot more from them. The way they solve problem is different from the first set.

The middle income friends teach me on how to make loan, reinvest the loan and pay the debt too, which is relevant now, but not relevant to my state of mind that time. But the low income friends provide another solution to do small part time business based on current trends. The result? Starting with only RM180 , my financial situation back to normal and I even save (invest) some money, and bought a laptop.

It was a good lesson for me.

Knowledge is everywhere.


  1. yep..orang yang pernah susah..lebih bijak dalam menyelesaikan masalah..

  2. betul, dan yang paling penting mereka juga memahami keadaan susah tu macammana. 

  3. Islam menuntut kita untuk terus mencari ilmu. knowledge ni, macam2 cabang. perkara simple pun masih dikategorikan sebagai useful knowledge kalau kita pandai menggunanya ;)

  4. yerp betul tu, janji praktikkan knowledge.. tentu ada hasilnya.