Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Your #Twitter account is yours

When I started with twitter, I really don't know about it. I just followed denaihati's footstep. I start by learning the basic of using twitter. After I learn the basics I really feel that I need to learn more advance thing about twitter. How to gain influence as example. I do download some free ebook to learn twitter, bought some e-book , reading tips in blog and so on.

Now I have been twittering for a while but I'm still learning. I read articles and guides about following , following back, tweeting ads is okey, tweeting ads is evil, what not to tweet, what to tweet, what make me losing followers, what make me gaining followers , celebrities etc etc. Twitter guide? There are a lot! Ask Google!

However the more I read and learn , ironically I goes to the basic conclusion -

My twitter account is mine, and your twitter account is yours!

Really! There are no right or wrong as long as you do tweet and communicate. You can follow how many people , its up to you! You can tweet how much you want! Its up to you! You can tweet any topic you want .. its really up to you! You can have your own method and you are responsible for it.

The key for me is : "Just be yourself and keep improving yourself (and your twitter account )"

So the guides are  nonsense? 

A big NO! The guides are not nonsense, people write guides based on their experiences and knowledge and some of it with their experiments.

"If my twitter accounts is mine",  is it okay if I don't read guides?

Its up to you! But for me, I'm still reading. I believe that the key is to keep improving and to improve I need knowledge but its up to me to follow or not.

Eh? What about followers then, I will lose a lot of followers by not following some guides...

Believe me you are unique but still you have some similarities or common interest with others , you are not alone. Choose what works and what is suitable for you.

p/s inspired by @shamhardy my topic is now contains #hashtag  . 

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